Today’s Basketball Session

Hi. So today I had basketball (I play with Depiro). I play with the under 12’s and the under 14’s. We have training every  Saturday and Monday. Every Saturday the under 10’s have training from 12:00pm -01:30pm, Which is when we start and when I came the place was full of people and I noticed that we got more places to sit! Which means that there will be more people sitting and watching us. Coach J.P didn’t come so we had some American guy. I don’t think he knew what to do because we did a bunch of weird drills .I am starting to fit in to the under 14’s now. So today something incredible happened. We were doing the “layup, shot, layup” drill and Luke ( the most popular guy in the Depiro organization) had 9 points and he was going for his last layup and Reece passed me the ball I shot from the free shot line and hit the ball away! And the amazing thing is that the ball actually went IN!!! But Luke didn’t win because Luca scored and got 10 points.

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