The Big Game

Hi. The day after tomorrow we(Depiro) are going to play against Luxol, the toughest team. They actually beat Athleta, although Mateja was injured. So it’s probably going to be a tough game. So wish us luck.


Tomorrow’s Activities

Hi. So tomorrow is going to be an awesome day because when I wake up in the morning I have a basketball tournament. Then I have A basketball training. After that I take a shower and go to Jack’s house for a sleepover. Awesome, right? Oh and I forgot to tell you that I got full marks in my science exam! But the funny thing is that the test was out of 50 so the teacher wrote 50% so my mum thought I barely passed. Ha! :D. BTW, if you’re new to this blog or channel or whatever be sure to comment and follow! Thanks. Bye!!

Our First Official Win

Hi. First I’m going start by apologizing that I haven’t posted for so long… I’ve been quite busy. OMG, we’ve finally won an official game!!! We were supposed to play against Mellieha but they aren’t playing in the league for some reason. So Starlites’ B team played instead and we won by quite a lot. Heheheheh, I bet the suspense is killing you. Well, DEAL WITH IT, SON. Kevin Durant had a really cool game against the Oklahoma City Thunder with 34 points and 9 rebounds (About the score of the game, I forgot!!!!! 😛  😛  )

Another Basketball Session

Hi. So today we had basketball and we started by doing some layups. Our team won 2 out of 3 so our team was pretty good. By the way if you didn’t know (which you probably didn’t) my favorite NBA team are the Golden State Warriors. Curry, Durant, Thompson, Green,  Zaza they’re all good players! Anyway at the end this girl saw me and she asked me if my shirt is real. I told her “Yeah, it’s real but yours isn’t because Curry isn’t a girl” so she challenged me in a 1 on 1 to 3 points I said to myself ” Let’s get this over with”. So when I got the ball I ran to the corner and I scored a swish and I told her” Now you know who’s the real Curry” and I went to get my bag and went to my mum’s when I was half way there I burst out laughing because she looked like a fish with it’s mouth open. XD XD



Today’s Basketball Session

Hi. So today I had basketball (I play with Depiro). I play with the under 12’s and the under 14’s. We have training every  Saturday and Monday. Every Saturday the under 10’s have training from 12:00pm -01:30pm, Which is when we start and when I came the place was full of people and I noticed that we got more places to sit! Which means that there will be more people sitting and watching us. Coach J.P didn’t come so we had some American guy. I don’t think he knew what to do because we did a bunch of weird drills .I am starting to fit in to the under 14’s now. So today something incredible happened. We were doing the “layup, shot, layup” drill and Luke ( the most popular guy in the Depiro organization) had 9 points and he was going for his last layup and Reece passed me the ball I shot from the free shot line and hit the ball away! And the amazing thing is that the ball actually went IN!!! But Luke didn’t win because Luca scored and got 10 points.