My Video with Jack

Hi. I’m really sorry for not writing for long… I’ve been quite busy. I wanted to say that me and Jack played Minecraft bedwars and Jack made a video, which he now published. I can’t find his channel ( I asked him on Skype so it should be quite soon) but when I do find it I’ll make a link to his channel and video. Be sure to subscribe, like and leave a comment and put notifications on.( Who knows maybe one day I’ll have a Youtube channel. Hint Hint mum and dad)



I’m going to my friend Luca’s house to play videogames

Wow. Today I’m gonna go to Luca’s house to play videogames, we’re gonna play Super Smash Bros. , Mario Kart 8 and some other games. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been to his house. And he has an awesome baby brother who’s first words were “High-five”. How cute is that?!