Results. Oh no. Oh no. Actually they weren’t too bad.




Gianni if you read this plz tell me how much you got.

Sorry for not writing for so long.


The Hypogeum

Hypogeum 1

This is the famous  Hypogeum and also where I went just today with my mum.

It was great fun and really interesting. First we went to see a short movie. Then the people there gave us some devices that looked like walkie -talkies. When we pressed them to our ears we could hear a man talking. It was really cool. We went to the Oracle Room, the Holy of Holies and many other places. It was great and I think you should go and see it. Thanks for reading and please like and follow for more of my life and times. Byeeeee!!!!!!!!!!  😉

Hypogeum 2

Oracle Room


Ugh. UUUGGGHHHH. I’m sooooooo bored at school right now. The subjects are really easy and boring. Oh well. Anyway what I wanted to say is that I hope you are enjoying my blog so far and please if you have any friends tell them to have a look. We’re already over 500 views, 100 visitors and 20 comments. WOW. WOW backwards. WOW. Thanks for the great support and remember I did not mention likes. This is because I only have 4. So try to fix that.

Thanks so much.        ❤

My Video with Jack

Hi. I’m really sorry for not writing for long… I’ve been quite busy. I wanted to say that me and Jack played Minecraft bedwars and Jack made a video, which he now published. I can’t find his channel ( I asked him on Skype so it should be quite soon) but when I do find it I’ll make a link to his channel and video. Be sure to subscribe, like and leave a comment and put notifications on.( Who knows maybe one day I’ll have a Youtube channel. Hint Hint mum and dad)


My Exam Results

Hi. I’m writing this to tell you about my exam results. So in English I have 72/80 without the orals. Now let me tell you something my mom wasn’t very impressed but another thing I wanted to tell you is that Maltese is probably my worst subject so I wasn’t very disappointed when I got 66/80 without the orals. Then my best subject, Maths I got 95/100. So I don’t think it’s too bad. Bye

My Two Weird Dreams

Wow. I must really be thinking of messed up stuff. You know why? Because I had 2 really weird dreams. In the first one, my cat (Dusty) was Mary and she gave birth to 15 cute Jesuses/Kittens. But the most weird thing about this dream was how she gave birth. It was like taking toast from the toaster except that instead of toast they were like onions. And the second weird dream was that the world was pausing and only me and some South Korean boy didn’t pause. We became good friends. Then when I was about to wake up there was like a fade-out scene and I saw God wearing sandals but I couldn’t see His head. Then I noticed that there was a television in front of Him. And suddenly he stood up, paused the television and went to the bathroom And I was like “OHHHHHHHH, so that’s why the world was pausing.” Unfortunately, I then woke up. Thanks for reading and if YOU had some weird dream/s then be sure to comment and I will definitely reply. Let’s see if I can get 300 views overall. XD