Results. Oh no. Oh no. Actually they weren’t too bad.




Gianni if you read this plz tell me how much you got.

Sorry for not writing for so long.



Ugh. UUUGGGHHHH. I’m sooooooo bored at school right now. The subjects are really easy and boring. Oh well. Anyway what I wanted to say is that I hope you are enjoying my blog so far and please if you have any friends tell them to have a look. We’re already over 500 views, 100 visitors and 20 comments. WOW. WOW backwards. WOW. Thanks for the great support and remember I did not mention likes. This is because I only have 4. So try to fix that.

Thanks so much.        ❤

My Exam Results

Hi. I’m writing this to tell you about my exam results. So in English I have 72/80 without the orals. Now let me tell you something my mom wasn’t very impressed but another thing I wanted to tell you is that Maltese is probably my worst subject so I wasn’t very disappointed when I got 66/80 without the orals. Then my best subject, Maths I got 95/100. So I don’t think it’s too bad. Bye

Tomorrow’s Activities

Hi. So tomorrow is going to be an awesome day because when I wake up in the morning I have a basketball tournament. Then I have A basketball training. After that I take a shower and go to Jack’s house for a sleepover. Awesome, right? Oh and I forgot to tell you that I got full marks in my science exam! But the funny thing is that the test was out of 50 so the teacher wrote 50% so my mum thought I barely passed. Ha! :D. BTW, if you’re new to this blog or channel or whatever be sure to comment and follow! Thanks. Bye!!

Our School Trip

Hi. So today my class and the class next to us went to the Argotti Gardens and I found it quite boring. We found out that Jean-Carl wants to become a botanist and when we came back we had an extra P.E and Lukas hit his head.

😮 😮 😮